Big River Lakes is one of our most popular destinations. On this 6 hour trip you will take a 25 minute flight over the West side of cook inlet where tons of mountains, volcanoes and rivers can be seen. You will then transfer from the plane to a boat with your very experienced guide. Where he has everything that you need to enjoy your day and catch salmon. You will be with your guide for a total of 5 hours fishing, bear viewing, and enjoying what Alaska truly has to offer. While you fish you can expect to enjoy watching eagles and their young fly over head. You can also expect to see lots of bears and their young fishing along side you and your group. The bears at big River Lakes love to jump off rocks, swim and fish for salmon. All while teaching their young to survive the Alaskan wilderness on their own. If time and weather allows, your guide has a portable grill on the boat and will cook a fresh salmon for you! As if that was not enough, your pilot picks you back up from where he dropped you off. As long as time and weather permits, you will be taken on a glacier tour of double glacier where Mt. Redoubt can be seen from the air. This is the perfect trip for any one with interest to visit Alaska. It truly is the ultimate trip to add to your package.


Crescent Lake West is a must see destination and you do not want to leave Alaska without visiting. Crescent Lake is nestled in between magnificent mountains in Lake Clark National Park. On this 6 hour trip you will take a 45 minute flight to the south west side of cook inlet. On this trip you will be with your experienced guide for about 4.5 hours while fishing, bear viewing and enjoying the untouched land scape. Your guide provides all of the necessary fishing equipment needed during this excursion. Lake Clark National Park was only established in 1980. Which makes it a fairly new national park. Tons of bear inhabit this location from July- September. You can expect to see bears meandering down the lake shore with their cubs, teaching them to fish and survive on their own. Sockeye salmon begin running the river system in July and the Coho salmon begin in August. After you have caught your limit of salmon you can enjoy catching a few other species that inhabit the water system. Lake trout and char swim these waters and they're a ton of fun to catch and release! You can expect to be one of very few people visiting this location on any given day.


The Kustatan River is an anglers paradise when it comes to catching silver salmon. This location is perfect for late summer visitors that have already enjoyed the scenery and bear viewing at Big River lakes or Crescent lake West. This 6 hour trip takes you from Soldotna and into the slough of a river system where tons of silver (coho) salmon run the river every year. Your guide will run you through some of the river system in a jet boat to where the fish are. Your guide provides all of the fishing gear needed for this excursion so get ready to catch some silvers!